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Pain can feel sharp or dull. It may throb or burn. It may be in one part of your body or you may feel pain all over. It can last a long time or it can hit you in short bursts. At Precision Pain and Spine Institute, our goal is to help you decrease your level of pain and suffering, to return you to your maximum level of functioning and independence, and to get you back to living your life. The Pain Management Physicians at Precision Pain and Spine Institute, offer a comprehensive range of services for patients with acute or chronic pain. Through the combined expertise of a multidisciplinary team of pain specialists, our practice offers the most advanced treatment options currently available, in a supportive, compassionate and state-of-the-art environment. At Precision Pain and Spine Institute, we understand that pain can interrupt your life and stop you from doing the things you love. We help you become Pain-Free.

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Located in the heart of the city, Precision Pain & Spine Institute  is a state-of-the-art medical center which is striving towards its commitment to provide comprehensive health care services to the residents.


We will be the leaders in the pain management field, defining best practices and serving as the primary pain management resource for service and education in the communities in which we practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pain management is a comprehensive approach to diagnosing, treating and controlling pain. It uses a multi-pronged and individualized treatment plan to coordinate safe and effective options that can address the physical, emotional, social, and psychological aspects of pain. In a balanced approach to pain management, people with pain, along with their family members and caregivers, learn to manage the pain in safe, effective, responsible and healthy ways to improve or maintain their overall well-being. Components of a balanced pain management plan may include: minimally-invasive injection-based therapy physical therapy and rehabilitation psychological counseling social support medication other complementary approaches
A pain management doctor is a board-certified, fellowship-trained physician who is able to diagnose and treat acute and chronic pain conditions using a comprehensive, balanced approach. A pain management doctor is a board-certified, fellowship-trained physician who is able to diagnose and treat acute and chronic pain conditions using a comprehensive, balanced approach.
It’s very common for people to be confused about the difference between physical dependence and addiction. The main difference is that addiction includes a psychological (or mental) craving for the medication that can lead to self-destructive behavior. Physical dependence only means that your body needs the medication, and you have symptoms when you do not take it. People become physically dependent on many kinds of medicines, including insulin, antidepressants, and others. It is a normal part of using some medications. Addiction is avoidable. If you think that you might be taking a pain medication that you do not need for pain, talk to your doctor about safely reducing the dose. Also, if you become preoccupied with the medication, thinking about how soon you can take more or worrying excessively that you might run out, that can be a warning sign to talk to a health care professional about changing your treatment. The act of taking pain medications alone does not lead to addiction. There are certain factors that increase the possible risk of addiction when taking opioids. This includes a previous history of substance abuse, usage of psychiatric medications, depression, and in general, younger patients are at greater risk.
Clinical evaluations and procedures to treat pain are covered by most insurers. We evaluate each policy to determine appropriate coverage before treatment is rendered.
You might notice at times that you are in more pain than usual (such as at the end of a tiring day or as a result of certain activities). If you notice that certain activities contribute to your pain or that you feel worse at certain times of the day, medication can be taken prior to the activity (or time of day) to help prevent the pain from occurring. Always be sure to follow your doctor's instructions.

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